Merrill DatasiteOne Review of 2021

Merrill DatasiteOne is one of the most experienced providers of virtual data rooms that work since the 90s, developers know exactly the basic problems of all companies during transactions and offer accurate and effective solutions to them. Merrill DatasiteOne provides its functions for large companies and is ready to support them in all complexities of projects or transactions. In this article, we will take a closer look at the functionality of the Merrill data room and give an overview of its features.

Overview of Merrill DatasiteOne

Merrill DatasiteOne is a cloud-based digital space that serves to store and share sensitive documents. Space completely replaces and improves the old way of storing data in physical rooms or online libraries and helps your business grow faster.

Reformat your paper documents into digital formats and simplify the management of large data streams during business processes. Merrill provides layered security that allows you to share documents within the program with your invited users (potential clients, investors, auditors, etc.) and thus, speed up the transaction completion process.

Main functions of Merrill DatasiteOne

The control features of Merrill DatasiteOne are:

  • Uniqueness to any industry

The provider can provide its services in virtually any industry, including financial, legal, M&A transactions and fundraising, litigation, and biotechnology.

  • File and Folder Management

Space can support just about any file type, so when you upload data to VDR you don’t have to spend time formatting it. The program also provides automatic indexing of files and folders and a drag-and-drop feature. Your potential customers will find it easier to navigate through space and large amounts of documents, and VDR has a filename search and full-text search.

  • File protection and digital rights management

Merrill, like any other self-respecting data room provider, offers the best security for its customers. For example, your VDR administrator can control access to documents and approve detailed permissions, and you can make a document available for viewing only while denying any other interaction with it. You can also enable customizable watermarks as an extra hedge against data leaks. Needless to say, the company uses 256-bit data encryption as well as encryption at rest.

  • Access Security

The provider uses an ISO 27001 security certificate and also has a backup function, the virtual data room is protected by dual authentication. The administrator can set time limits for access to certain files, as well as issue group access permissions

  • Collaborative working

Your employees and customers will always be up-to-date since they will automatically receive an email notification if new documents have been uploaded to the space, but unfortunately, no other features have been foreseen

  • Interface settings

The interface of the program is very convenient and simple, and well configurable. Providers have included a branded UI so that you can design your VDRs to match your brand. This also applies to special third-party invitation letters.

  • Support Desk

Customer Service is available for you to get in touch with even outside of normal business hours. They are available around the clock and you can reach them by phone or email. The provider offers you the function of archiving the data room after a transaction or completion of a project to a DVD or USB memory stick.

  • Price

The developers of Merrill DatasiteOne provide their customers with a free demo version of their product, as well as a 14-day trial period. You can pay for VDR services either monthly, once every three months, or once a year. VDR costs about $400 per month